Straight-Through Exhaust Flow for Maximum Performance  Designed for Improved Fuel Economy  Rugged Growl with No Annoying In-Cab Drone  Stainless Steel System with Slash Cut Tips  Made in the USA

The team at CORSA Commercial Exhausts have engineered a system that provides the maximum flow and minimum restriction possible. A completely straight-through design allows for air flow to easily and quickly exit the engine. With ultimate airflow, CORSA Commercial Exhausts ensures that performance is maximized, allowing your engine to breathe easily and give you all the horsepower it can. In addition, without restricting the air, your work truck has the potential to improve your fuel efficiency. Imagine adding horsepower and fuel economy with one cat-back exhaust system.

In addition to the engineering for air flow, CORSA Commercial Exhausts uses all of this knowledge to craft the perfect sound for your truck. We can eliminate certain frequencies without using packing material or interrupting the air, thus making your countless hours spent in your work truck on a daily basis a more enjoyable experience. So, we can get you an aggressive growl when you are on the throttle without annoying noises in the cabin, and still keep the straight-through design.