CORSA Commercial Exhaust products combines the knowledge of CORSA Performance Exhausts and dB Performance Exhausts with the specific needs for your small to large sized fleet, delivering great exhaust systems for your work truck while catering to your fleet vehicles needs.

Potential for Better Fuel Economy: Less back pressure and more power means your work trucks engine functions more efficiently which translates to better fuel economy. Better fuel economy while towing heavy loads makes for better cost savings.

No In-Cabin Drone: You spend a lot of time in your work truck, and after a long day of work, maybe you even drive your truck home. You should be able to enjoy driving your truck day in and day out. CORSA Commercial relies on its roots in technology to eliminate the annoying interior drone or resonance often heard with other aftermarket exhaust systems. You can cruise down the highway or off road to your work site without painful and annoying resonance.

Increased Horsepower & Torque: Our patented non-restrictive straight-through design reduces back pressure and frees up additional power.

Stainless Steel: Complete cat-back systems made of Stainless steel means your exhaust system on your work truck is built to last. No cutting or welding necessary, each system is specifically built to each truck model. All bolt-on systems makes for an easy install you can even do yourself.

Made in the USA: Every system is proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Cleveland, OH, USA.

Tips: We add a polished Slash Cut Stainless Steel tip to ensure your work truck looks as good as it sounds.

50-State Emissions Legal: Since our systems are all designed to install rearward of the factory catalytic converter there are no emissions hassles. Just bolt it on and go.