What is included with each system

Everything needed to complete the installation is included. Each system includes the mufflers, pipes, hangars, Stainless Steel Polished Tips and all of the necessary instructions and information for installation.

What performance increase will I get with my system?

Performance will vary depending on many factors. However, the straight-through design will allow for much improved air flow. This will allow for increased horsepower, potential for fuel mileage and reduced backpressure.

What size pipe do you use?

All of our systems are specifically designed with 3" Pipe. We have found that on truck systems, this size pipe delivers the best airflow and you get the deep, rugged growl that truly sounds like a truck should sound.

What material do you use?

We utilize only stainless steel in all of our CORSA Commercial Exhaust products. NO Aluminized Steel is utilized in any of our systems, ensuring the continued quality of the product and sound.

Will I get improved Gas Mileage?

While many of our satisfied customers have noticed significant improvement in gas mileage, scientific testing has yet to be completed. Driving style has much to do with gas mileage and some of our customers just can't keep their foot off the gas.


Can I install the CORSA Commercial system myself? How long will it take?

Yes, all CORSA Commercial systems are designed for ease of installation, but it really depends on the vehicle and your mechanical aptitude. If you have the right tools, a little patience and you read the instructions, just about anyone can do the job. Having a lift to raise the car and a friend to help handle the larger components is highly recommended if you decide to install the system yourself. Typical install times range from 1-2 hours.

Do I need to make any modifications to my vehicle to install the product?

Most systems do not require any physical modifications to your vehicle to allow installation. (Check out the full installation instructions for your system on-line for all the specifics.) In many cases, other performance modifications done to the vehicle; i.e. air intakes, programmers, etc. will show additional benefits/gains with the installation of a CORSA Commercial Exhaust system.

Do I need to update my ECU?

No update to the ECU is needed when installing a CORSA Commercial exhaust system; although re-tuning of the ECU using an aftermarket programmer or custom tune may yield even greater HP & Torque gains.

Will I get a check engine light?

No Check Engine Lights or Error Codes are activated by the proper installation or use of a CORSA Commercial exhaust system.

Can I weld the system onto my car?

Be aware that welding a CORSA Commercial Exhaust system that is designed to be clamped together will void your Limited 10-year Warranty. Welding will also prevent you from making adjustments to the system as it "settles" after a few heat cycles.

Do I need to cut anything to install you system?

In most cases, no, but some of our kits require 1-2 simple cuts to facilitate removal of the old system. Everything is covered in each set of detailed installation instructions, complete photos. Some trucks do require cutting of the factory systems to allow for their easy removal from the vehicle.

Will installing your system void my vehicle warranty?

Our systems kits will not void your new car warranty. Your rights are protected under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, 15 USC, 2302. Please call our Customer Service dept (800-486-0999) for more information.


What is resonance or drone?

Drone (also known as resonance) is the byproduct of low frequency sound energy generated by your engine exhaust interacting with the body structure of the car. This sound energy generated by the engine and flow noises are amplified by the trunk and cabin cavities at certain rpms, resulting in a low frequency, dull, thrumming sound that can be very annoying. Certain low frequency sounds can even make people sick and nauseous. This is the drone or resonance people refer to when talking about most aftermarket exhaust systems. You will typically not experience this drone when at idle or accelerating hard, but it becomes very apparent at highway cruising speeds.

Where can I hear what it will sound like?

Recorded sounds vary greatly due to the recording equipment, quality and the speakers through which it is played. We have provided a sampling of CORSA Commercial Exhaust by Corsa sounds on our WEBSITE. Many customer recordings can be found on other video sites such as or Our best recommendation is to find a friend or a car club to hear something in person as that will give you the truest CORSA Commercial Exhaust experience.


What is your warranty?

Our complete Limited 10-year Warranty can be found HERE.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Please call 440-891-0999 or email us at Please include your name, contact information, date and location of purchase, and detailed description of your issue.